Reverend Alfred Cockfield is an influential figure in both community development and education, distinguished by his significant contributions to affordable housing initiatives and youth development. He is currently leading a major project to develop 83 units of affordable housing for seniors, collaborating with the NYC HPD SARA program. Reverend Cockfield skillfully handles vital responsibilities in this venture, including navigating the Uniformed Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) and the Office of Environmental Review (OER). His expertise in acquiring political discretionary funding (RESO) is also noteworthy, as is his advisory role to churches engaged in developing mixed-use affordable housing projects, encompassing over 67 units with facilities for both religious and non-religious community use.

In the field of education, Reverend Cockfield’s impact is equally significant. He is the founder and executive director of Lamad Academy Charter School, established on January 2, 2019. His leadership extends to managing Battalion Christian Academy Schools in Brooklyn and Far Rockaway, Queens. His responsibilities span a broad spectrum, including recruitment and retention, forging partnership alliances, staff development, and spearheading educational programs emphasizing an engaging and interactive learning approach.

His success at Battalion Christian Academy Schools is marked by his ability to build a strong network among Christian and secular school administrators. This collaboration aims to ensure the best educational outcomes for students and provide substantial benefits to the communities they serve. Reverend Cockfield’s dedication to enhancing academic and living standards demonstrates his commitment to fostering growth and development within his community.