Phillip C. Hamilton, Esq. is a formidable trial attorney and litigator with a diverse practice spanning high-stakes civil, criminal, and regulatory matters nationwide in state and federal courts. His illustrious career features successful trials and settlements in complex cases, representing a spectrum of clients from high-net-worth individuals to Fortune 500 companies and public figures to civil rights organizations.

Notable successes include securing six-figure settlements in unlawful discrimination cases, a multi-million-dollar real estate dispute resolution in lower Manhattan, and full acquittals in high-profile criminal cases in federal and state courts. Phillip’s international repute as a strategic legal facilitator is evidenced by his discreet resolutions of sensitive legal issues for dignitaries and executives across multiple continents.

Beyond the courtroom, Phillip enriches the legal community as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and through guest lectures in trial advocacy and negotiation. His expertise extends to teaching national CLEs on diverse topics, from jury selection to the critique of cell site analysis in legal cases. As a New York Metropolitan Black Bar Association Board Member, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the judiciary and advocating for systemic legal reforms.

Appointed by Governor Kathy Hochul to the State Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct, Phillip’s influence extends to pivotal legal reforms. His insights and analyses are sought after in media, with features in The New York Times and appearances on BBC World News, ABC, CBS, CourtTV, and the Law and Crime Network.

At Hamilton & Clarke, Phillip C. Hamilton, Esq. is not just a managing partner but a pillar of legal expertise and a stalwart for justice. His commitment to advancing the legal field is exemplary. We take great pride in his role as of Counsel to the Souder, Shabazz, and Woolridge law group, where his unparalleled skills and experience continue to make a profound impact.