Joshua S. Moskovitz, Esq., a master of the courtroom and a luminary in civil litigation and appellate law, stands at the forefront of our firm’s Civil Litigation and Appellate practices. Josh’s legal acumen shines brightest in complex civil rights and class action lawsuits, where he has consistently proven his mettle across state and federal courts.

His illustrious career is punctuated by groundbreaking victories, including securing the highest per-person class action settlement awards in U.S. history for a mass arrest lawsuit and winning a landmark permanent injunction against the State of New York in a religious discrimination case. Josh’s role in iconic civil rights litigations like the NYPD’s “stop-and-frisk” case, the Central Park jogger case, and wrongful death claims for the families of Eric Garner and Barrington Williams cement his status as a stalwart for justice.

In the realm of class action, Josh leads a significant lawsuit against the State of New York on behalf of corrections officers and co-leads a case against Rochester for racially biased policing practices. His appellate prowess is equally notable, with victories in the New York Court of Appeals and setting important precedents in cases such as Brown v. City of New York and Hughes v. City of New York.

Josh’s academic foundation is as impressive as his professional journey, graduating summa cum laude from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and inducted into the Order of the Coif. His early legal acumen was evident as a staff member, and Articles Editor of the Cardozo Law Review, and his clerkship for the Honorable James L. Dennis of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit further honed his judicial understanding.

Beyond the courtroom, Josh is a passionate educator, frequently sharing his insights through guest lectures, and his dedication to the legal community has earned him consistent recognition as a “Super Lawyer” and “Rising Star.”

At Hamilton & Clarke, Joshua S. Moskovitz, Esq. is a distinguished figure, embodying legal excellence and a steadfast commitment to civil rights. We are proud to have him serve as of Counsel to the Souder, Shabazz, and Woolridge law group, where his expertise continues to drive our pursuit of justice.